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Emerald Color Uncut Cubic Zirconia Rough Made in China Manufacturer

Emerald Color Uncut Cubic Zirconia Rough Made in China Manufacturer and Supplier

Emerald is one of precious gemstones in natural gems family, but emerald is very expensive and usually have some inclusion from mineral. You are very hard to find a perfect one in the market. Now many people switch to emerald simulant to emerald color cubic zirconia, as it’s much cheap price than real emerald. People love emerald rings for their daily wear. We are not only sell loose emerald cubic zirconia, but also sell emerald color cubic zirconia to those who adore emerald simulant or cubic zirconia cutters and trader. If you like to cut emerald color cubic zirconia by yourself, you can buy some uncut cubic zirconia rough from our company. Emerald color cubic zirconia are widely set to CZ rings, CZ pendants, CZ necklaces and more styles.

emerald color uncut cubic zirconia rough

emerald color uncut cubic zirconia rough

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Asscher Cut White Moissanite Loose Gemstones for Sale

Best Quality 5A White Moissanite Asscher Cut Loose Gemstones Forever Brilliant Luster Spark. Near colorless moissanite to alternative to the classic diamond. Asscher cut moissanite is perfect to engagement ring. Asscher Cut is step cut square shape with chamfer corner. You can find the difference from princess cut square both shape and cutting. We usually have E/F color white moissanite for your jewelry design. Our moissanite is timeless luster and brilliant like diamond. We are able to cut a variety of measurements from 5x5mm to 10x10mm.

Asscher Cut Synthetic Moissanite

Asscher Cut Moissanite

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Square Princess Cut Moissanite Gemstones Best Diamond Alternative

Princess cut is second most popular cutting just right behind round brilliant cut, princess cut moissanite look amazing with a vast number of measurements. Square princess cut moissanite look exceptional when it be set at engagement rings, princess cut moissanite offer a squared center focal point, and have four corners which set at compass points. The corners are pointing north, south, east and west. We usually cut it in white near colorless (D/E/F) or G color, if you love colored gemstones, you can consider other colored moissanite including champagne, green, black and blue. Synthetic moissanite are also available in many shapes like oval, marquise, pear, cushion, emerald, asscher. If you adore princess cut moissanite diamond alternative, browse our collection of white moissanite, we can help you source your ideal moissanite stones.

princess cut moissanite

princess cut moissanite

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White Cushion Cut Moissanite Loose Gemstones Premium Quality Wholesale Price

Premium Quality White Cushion Cut Moissanite Loose Gemstones Wholesale Price Forever Brilliant Fire Best Diamond Alternative Gems from China Supplier

One day you find there is a very shine and brilliant stone which look similar to a diamond but it’s a fraction of cost of diamond in jewelry shop, may be this is a moissanite stone, only moissanite can compare with diamond, when you pick a diamond tester pen to check  moissanite stone, the pen will show you same answer as diamond do. As to color and clarity, color of moissanite have a variety of hug range from E,F,G,H,I  as diamond. If you are not a expert, you can’t distinguish between moissanite and diamond. Most of jewelries use moissanite to main stone, not diamond. Jewelers can save a lot of cost and customers also save budget too. Because nobody can know your moissanite ring is real diamond ring for daily wear. You don’t need to worry your ring when you have a travel, it’s not a expensive ring.  Moissanite can avoid “blood diamond as many people worried.  As cushion cut is one of classical shape, so today we take pictures  of cushion cut moissanite to you review.

cushion cut moissanite for sale

cushion cut moissanite

cushion cut moissanite

cushion cut white moissanite

cushion cut moissanite wholesale china

cushion cut moissanite wholesale

Cushion cut size(mm): 5×5   6×6   6.5×6.5   7×7   8×8   9×9    10×10

We can make a range of measurements with best quality and excellent cut at wholesale price from our factory. Are you interested in Cushion cut white moissanite at wholesale price? Please contact us by email: web:

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Oval Cut White Moissanite Loose Forever Brilliant Gemstones Wholesale Supplier

Moissanite is one of popular gems and look similar to real diamond, at actual white moissanite much more fire, brilliance, luster than mineral diamond. Moissanite is durable and hardness close to diamond(10 Moh’s), it’s difficult to find difference between moissanite and diamond by naked eye. Moissanite is 9.25 Moh’s just a little soft than diamond(10 Moh’s). Moissanite is cut to a variety of shapes include round, oval, pear, princess, emerald, heart, trillion and cushion. What’s more, moissanite cost just a fraction of diamond, you can get same fire&brilliance as diamond but save a lot budget. Today we show you a oval cut white moissanite stone as below photos:

oval moissanite white

oval moissanite

Size(mm): 3×5   4×6   5×7   6×8   7×9   8×10   9×11   10×12   10×14

Color: E/F color

Clarity: VVS

Quality: Best

Polish: Excellent

Please contact us to get free quote of wholesale price of oval cut white moissanite stones by email:

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