Square Princess Cut Moissanite Gemstones Best Diamond Alternative

Princess cut is second most popular cutting just right behind round brilliant cut, princess cut moissanite look amazing with a vast number of measurements. Square princess cut moissanite look exceptional when it be set at engagement rings, princess cut moissanite offer a squared center focal point, and have four corners which set at compass points. The corners are pointing north, south, east and west. We usually cut it in white near colorless (D/E/F) or G color, if you love colored gemstones, you can consider other colored moissanite including champagne, green, black and blue. Synthetic moissanite are also available in many shapes like oval, marquise, pear, cushion, emerald, asscher. If you adore princess cut moissanite diamond alternative, browse our collection of white moissanite, we can help you source your ideal moissanite stones.

princess cut moissanite

princess cut moissanite

square princess cut moissanite

square princess cut moissanite gemstones

Size(mm): 5×5   6×6   6.5×6.5   7×7   7.5×7.5   8×8   9×9   10×10

Color: White(E/F)

Cut: Excellent

Clarity: VVS

No minimum order request.

Do you love princess cut moissanite stones? What is your favorite measurement? Do you want to know wholesale price of princess cut white moissanite? Let us know by email:info@czgemstones.com or web: www.czgemstones.com

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