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Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones Brilliant Cutting Synthetic Gemstones Lab Created Gems Wholesale

we supply round shape cubic zirconia stones with varies cuts.There are 11 styles of Brilliant Cut(Diamond Cut) to cubic zirconia loose CZ stones as below:
1.Standard 57 Facets Brilliant Cut
2.Natural Bottom Cut
3.Cabochon Face Flat Bottom Cut
4.Round Radiant Cut
5.Tai Chi Cut
6.Triangle Face Cut
7.Double Brilliance Cut
8.Checkerboard Brilliant Cut
9.Checkerboard Face Flat Bottom Cut
10.Diamond Face Flat Bottom Cut
11.Double Checkerboard Cut

Cubic Zirconia Stones Round Brilliant Cut Loose CZ Gemstones Colors Wholesale China Supplier

We( ) manufacture AAA,AAAAA quality loose CZ Gemstones,Cubic Zirconia Stones,Round Brilliant Cut CZ Stone with varies colors as white,pink,yellow,
garnet,blue topaz,lavender,smoke,peridot,amethyst,ap­ple green,champagne and emerald green etc.

2013 Loose Cubic Zirconia CZ Stones and Lab Created Gemstones wholesale China Supplier

For many women in America, jewelry is an indispensable accessory that must be worn.  Jewelry designers can use the wholesale cubic zirconia stones or lab created gems at to create jewelry that is rich in diversity to satisfy the needs and wants of all ladies that grace their store.  Jewelry created using loose cut lab gems and loose cut CZ stones can cross many genres and can include necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

The focus of jewelry designs in 2013 is bold, beautiful and dynamic.  Gold encrusted necklaces with flashy bright red lab created rubies embedded are a well thought out jewelry piece.  Necklaces, rings, and earrings with large geometric loose cut CZ stones, and multi-colored necklaces with colored wholesale cubic zirconia is all the rage.

The desire for jewelry designers to create long pendants with loose cut lab gems is high.  Pendants made into animal objects dangling from a cord instead of a chain have been of particular interest to Fashionistas from coast to coast.  Wide and chunky bracelets adorned with amethyst, aqua, garnet, citrine or other colored loose cut CZ stones is s highly desirable jewelry choice.  Earrings that are long and dangling, yet feature geometric shapes holding beautiful lab created gems or loose CZ stones are an up and coming fashion trend. supply high quality of cubic zirconia gemstones at wholesale price from China supplier.If you are looking for cubic zirconia stones, you are welcome to visit our or