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Freeform Lab Created Emerald Stones Wholesale Price

High Quality Small Inclusion Freeform Lab Created Emerald Stones Wholesale Price Made in China Supplier

Natural emerald is precious and valued gems, most of emerald are not flawless and have small inclusion. Natural emerald is very expensive but it’s vivi green beryl. It’s 7.0-7.5 moh’s scale on hardness for emerald. Since emerald gemstones are very popular for jewelry design but valued expensive cost, now lab created emerald were introduced to market at low wholesale price. Both natural emerald and lab emerald have same struction, chemicial, luster and brilliance. The only difference is one earth mineral other is grown in lab. Like other gems, emerald have a vareity of shapes like round, pear, octagon, heart, marquise, oval, square, cabochon. Sometimes we also make freeform shape emerald. Please contact us to get more detail.

freeform lab created emerald gemstones

freeform lab created emerald gemstones

Lab Created Emerald Octagon Step Cut Loose Emerald

High Quality Lab Created Emerald Octagon Step Cut Loose Emerald Wholesale Price

This is an emerald stone which created in lab but its same element and structure as earth mineral emerald. It’s not emerald color  cubic zirconia and emerald green glass. They are lab grown emerald stones. If you are looking for loose lab created emerald, please feel free to contact us.

emerald cut lab created emerald

lab created emerald


Lab created emerald gemstones octagon shaped emerald cut step facets.


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