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Heart Cut Glass Crystal Stones

High Quality Heart Cut Glass Crystal Stones Wholesale from China Factory


Heart Cut Blue Glass Stones

Blue Glass stones Man Made Created Gems Machine Cut at Surprise Friendly Price!

Size(mm): 4×4  5×5   6×6   7×7   8×8   9×9   10×10   12×12

Minimum order quantity: 200pcs

Quality: AAA

We can process a variety of blue glass stones in different shapes and sizes, as blue glass is very very cheap and it’s popular in jewelry market. It’s help you to create a gift or DIY design at affordable price. If you would like to buy glass gemstones, please contact us !

White Cubic Zirconia Rough

High Quality Cubic Zirconium Large Size White Cubic Zirconia Rough Facet Raw Material Synthetic Gems CZ Diamond Simulants Grown in China at Factory Wholesale Price


cubic zirconia rough

White cubic zirconia weight range from 0.3kg to 3.0kg per piece , it’s colorless without inclusion like natural gems. Our white facet CZ is flawless and durable for jewelry. If you would like to buy cubic zirconia rough, please contact us !