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Diamond Quality Pear Cut White Moissanite Stones Loose Diamond Simulated Gems Wholesale

Diamond Quality Pear Cut White Moissanite Stones Loose Diamond Simulated Gems Wholesale

Moissanite loose gemstones provides a wide range of loose Stones shapes including heart, cushion, octagon, marquise, square, oval, pear, radiant, round, trillion.The hardness rating of a moissanite is just beneath that of a diamond at 9.25. The hardness of a diamond is 10. The luster and brilliance of moissanite occasionally exceeds that of a diamond. Moissanite show more light than diamonds, creating a superior sparkle, because moissanite has a 2.65 to 2.69 Refractive Index (RI), making Moissanite much more brilliant than diamonds.

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Heart Cut Synthetic Moissanite

Heart Cut Synthetic Moissanite Whitest Loose Stones Diamond Simulated Wholesale Silicon Carbide (SiC) Gemstones Supplier

With a higher refractive index Moissanite exhibits more brilliance than diamond. The dispersion is significantly better than the one of diamond which creates more fire in the stone. Nearly as hard as diamond Moissanite however is tougher. Our Moissanite gemstone with its beauty and superior whitest color is made to last forever.

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AAAAA Loose Gemstones Moissanite Diamond Stones Wholesale Prices China Manufacturer

Moissanite, also known by silicon carbide (SiC), is a naturally occurring mineral found in very limited quantities or as minute particles in the earth. Moissanite is a new category of gemstones having fire, brilliance and luster more than any other gems. Moissanite has unrivaled fire and brilliance, even brighter and more sparkly than diamonds.
moissanite fire spark
So Scientist Dr. Henri Moissan discovered a way to produce in a laboratory, large gem-quality crystals which can be faceted into near-colorless jewels with incomparable fire and Brilliance.
Moissanite is the most brilliant gems in the world. Brilliance is a gemstone’s ability to reflect white and create sparkle.

Swiss Blue Cubic Zirconia Trillion Cut CZ

Wholesale Swiss Blue Cubic Zirconia Trillion Cut CZ Factory Price from China Supplier

swiss blue trillion cut cz

Swiss blue is bewitching color for gemstones, today we offer loose cubic zirconia trillion cut in swiss blue color. Are you looking for amazing colorful CZ in high quality at wholesale prices? Please contact us Today! Visit website:

Material: Cubic Zirconia (Excellent Grade)

Color: Swiss blue

Size(mm): 4×4   5×5   6×6   7×7   8×8   9×9  10×10   12×12   15×15   20×20

Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs

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