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Loose Lab Created Ruby Red Beads

Loose Lab Created Ruby Red Beads Wholesale Prices Drilled Hole 1mm Factory Wholesale Price Bulk Quantity in Stock.

Lab created ruby beads are very popular for handcrafted jewelry, we supply high quality red ruby beads with sizes from 4.0-16.00mm. We use auto-machines to process beads at cheap wholesale price for our customers around the world.

lab created ruby beads China supplier

synthetic ruby beads

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Synthetic Ruby Rough Dark Garnet Red Lab Ruby Corundum

Synthetic Ruby Rough Dark Garnet Red Lab Ruby Corundum Loose Rough Gemstones

Synthetic ruby have a variety of colors from light ruby to dark ruby red, they have a different ruby hue from ruby #1.25 light red to ruby #8 dark red. If you are looking for a serious of colors of ruby, please contact us today.

The following is dark red ruby #8 which look like dark garnet color rough, if you would like to cut ruby rough for your gems design. Please contact us to get free quote.

garnet lab ruby #8 rough

garnet  red lab ruby #8 rough

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2mm-3mm lab ruby smooth beads wholesale china

2mm lab ruby smooth beads wholesale china manufacturer

Lab created ruby loose beads unfaceted man made gemstones machine cut synthetic gems from factory.

Available size(mm): 2.00   2.50   3.00   3.50   4.00   4.50   5.00    5.50    6.00    6.50    7.00   7.50     8.00   8.50   9.00   10.00

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lab ruby beads