White Cushion Cut Moissanite Loose Gemstones Premium Quality Wholesale Price

Premium Quality White Cushion Cut Moissanite Loose Gemstones Wholesale Price Forever Brilliant Fire Best Diamond Alternative Gems from China Supplier

One day you find there is a very shine and brilliant stone which look similar to a diamond but it’s a fraction of cost of diamond in jewelry shop, may be this is a moissanite stone, only moissanite can compare with diamond, when you pick a diamond tester pen to check  moissanite stone, the pen will show you same answer as diamond do. As to color and clarity, color of moissanite have a variety of hug range from E,F,G,H,I  as diamond. If you are not a expert, you can’t distinguish between moissanite and diamond. Most of jewelries use moissanite to main stone, not diamond. Jewelers can save a lot of cost and customers also save budget too. Because nobody can know your moissanite ring is real diamond ring for daily wear. You don’t need to worry your ring when you have a travel, it’s not a expensive ring.  Moissanite can avoid “blood diamond as many people worried.  As cushion cut is one of classical shape, so today we take pictures  of cushion cut moissanite to you review.

cushion cut moissanite for sale

cushion cut moissanite

cushion cut moissanite

cushion cut white moissanite

cushion cut moissanite wholesale china

cushion cut moissanite wholesale

Cushion cut size(mm): 5×5   6×6   6.5×6.5   7×7   8×8   9×9    10×10

We can make a range of measurements with best quality and excellent cut at wholesale price from our factory. Are you interested in Cushion cut white moissanite at wholesale price? Please contact us by email: info@czgemstones.com web: www.czgemstones.com

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