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White Round Moissanite Loose Stones

mossiante loose stones wholesale ChinaMoissanite loose stones are new style gemstones to diamond substitute, but they are better than diamond, since moissanite is more light than real diamond. You will find moissanite stones are more fire when you put them to comparison. Moissanite is used to jewelry like diamond with brilliant shine. Moissanite is flawless free inclusion and near colorless. When you go to buy loose moissanite stones, you will pay less than a diamond. For example, a carat moissanite just spend hundreds of dollards, but same weight of diamond will pay $5,500-7,500. You will save a lot money and get same fire as diamond. If you are looking for round moissanite stones, please contact us to get wholesale prices from China. Read the rest of this entry