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Cubic Zirconia Shape Chart

Synthetic Gems Loose Cubic Zirconia Shape Chart

cubic zirconia shape chart.jpg

cubic zirconia shape chart

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AAAAA Quality Cubic Zirconia Asscher Cut Loose Zirconia Stones Wholesale from China

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multi-colors cubic zirconia stones

multi-colors cz stones wholesale from China manufacturer with AAA,AAAAA quality with varies colors.

Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones Brilliant Cutting Synthetic Gemstones Lab Created Gems Wholesale

we supply round shape cubic zirconia stones with varies cuts.There are 11 styles of Brilliant Cut(Diamond Cut) to cubic zirconia loose CZ stones as below:
1.Standard 57 Facets Brilliant Cut
2.Natural Bottom Cut
3.Cabochon Face Flat Bottom Cut
4.Round Radiant Cut
5.Tai Chi Cut
6.Triangle Face Cut
7.Double Brilliance Cut
8.Checkerboard Brilliant Cut
9.Checkerboard Face Flat Bottom Cut
10.Diamond Face Flat Bottom Cut
11.Double Checkerboard Cut

Cubic Zirconia Stones Round Brilliant Cut Loose CZ Gemstones Colors Wholesale China Supplier

We( ) manufacture AAA,AAAAA quality loose CZ Gemstones,Cubic Zirconia Stones,Round Brilliant Cut CZ Stone with varies colors as white,pink,yellow,
garnet,blue topaz,lavender,smoke,peridot,amethyst,ap­ple green,champagne and emerald green etc.