Cubic Zirconia Loose CZ Stones Lab Created Gemstone Synthetic Gems Wholesale from China Manufacturer

Are you looking for best quality loose cubic zirconia stones,cz stones,lab created gemstone and synthetic gems at cheap wholesale prices ? We are a big manufacturer of cubic zirconia from China factory.We can supply cubic zirconia, spinel, lab created ruby,lab created sapphire and nano crystal gemstone for wax casting setting. There are many different colors in our factory, include cz white, cz pink, cz champagne, cz amethyst, cz garnet, cz violet, cz peridot, cz orange, cz brown coffee, cz swiss blue, cz aquamarine, cz golden yellow,cz smoky, cz lavender, cz black and cz emerald green. And then the shape of loose gemstone is a very import element for each piece.Over 20 shapes cubic zirconia and more than 200 cuts are available. Now there is a list of cz stones shapes as for your reference. Round CZ, Marquise CZ, Pear CZ, Heart CZ, Oval CZ, Trillion CZ, Octagon CZ, Baguette CZ, Square Princess CZ, Flower CZ, Tapper CZ, Cushion CZ, Beads CZ and Fancy CZ. Due to high technology and advanced machine equipment, and what’s more, we have skilled and experienced masters and cutters. Our factory can cut top quality AAAAA Cubic Zirconia, standard grade AAA CZ Stones, at the same time, if you are looking for lower quality cz gemstones, AA quality and A quality stones(for round CZ) are your target. We usually make AAA CZ and AAAAA CZ top rate, we sift good quality stones, there are some of them are not enough clear and good cut, so it will belong to AA and A grade stones. According to over decade years manufactured and experienced, many of our customers use small sizes cubic zirconia stones for their jewelry setting.For example, white round cubic zirconia 1.00-3.00mm are very popular sizes, and you can get very competitive offer.The more quantity you purchase, the lower prices you get.Why ? Because we are a real factory, you will get a real bottom price. We are not only cut loose cubic zirconia, but also make lab created gemstone, such as spinel, lab created ruby and sapphire. Are you looking for wax casting cubic zirconia and synthetic gemstone which withstand high temperature and colors are not fade when stone setting ? We have a new synthetic crystal gemstone withstand high temperature(up to 1750 Celsius).It’s Nano Crystal Gemstone, for more information, please contact us by E-mail: