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Round Nano Crystal Emerald Green

AAA Quality Round Nano Crystal Emerald Green Color Synthetic Gemstones Wax Casting 1700C High Temperature Resistance Wholesale from China Supplier & Manufacturer

Now jewelry manufacturers are commonly used to wax casting to jewelry making for mass production which very popular setting but its request stones are able to resistant high temperature up to 1200C degree or more. Most of natural gemstones or synthetic gems like cubic zirconia can’t resistant high temperature or its broken/cloudy/color faded.  Thanks to technology, we supply nano green crystal which can solve problem of broken/cloudy/color faded. Mostly we provide round small sizes nano green stones as list shown below:

green nano gems

nano crystal gemstones

Size(mm): 0.80   0.90   1.00   1.50   1.75   2.00   2.50   3.00

Minimum Order Quantity(pieces): 1000

Color: Emerald Green

Shape: Round

Quality: AAA

Made In China

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