Peridot Cushion Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones

Loose AAAAA Quality Peridot Cushion Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones Wholesale Price European Machine Cut Made In China Factory Manufacturer

Cushion cut is a classical cutting for gemstones, so we also make cushion cut cubic zirconia in different colors like white, pink, lavender, purple, yellow, green, blue, champagne, black, peridot, garnet red, orange, canary yellow and more. Peridot cubic zirconia is alternative to a real peridot gemstone, today we show you a peridot color cushion cut cubic zirconia stone as following:


peridot cushion cut cubic zirconia stones

Available size(mm):3×3   4×4   5×5   6×6   7×7   8×8   9×9   10×10

MOQ: 100 pieces

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