Round Peridot Yellow Cubic Zirconia Stones

AAA Quality Wholesale Prices Round Peridot Yellow Lime Cubic Zirconia Stones European Machine Cut Artificial Gemstones at Low Price Directly from China Factory

lime yellow cz

peridot yellow cubic zirconia stone

Material: Cubic Zirconia

Color: Peridot Yellow

Quality: AAA

Shape:Round Brilliant Cut

Size(mm): 1.00   1.250   1.30   1.50   1.75   2.00   2.50   3.00   3.50   4.00   5.00   6.00   7.00   8.00   9.00   10.00

MOQ: 100pcs

If you are looking for peridot yellow color cubic zirconia stone, please feel free to contact us !


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