Multi Colors Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones Wholesale

We usually provide a pure color for a piece cubic zirconia stone,like white, pink, purple, yellow, champagne, lavender, violet, blue, aqua blue, black and more. Today there are amazing multi-colors for each one. Some people would love to get colored CZ for their jewelry or hand crafted design. There are different combines of colors like two multi-colors CZ, three multi-colors CZ, four multi-colors CZ or customized colors CZ. Like regular shapes, there are many options as choice.Including Round CZ, Oval CZ, Heart CZ, Square CZ, Trillion CZ, Baguette CZ, Cushion CZ, Marquise CZ and more.

multi colors cubic zirconia

                                                                multi colors cubic zirconia stones

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We supply high quality moissanite, cubic zirconia, lab created spinel, ruby, sapphire and glass gems with many shapes,sizes and colors. Please contact us to get free quote.

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