Wholesale Cubic Zirconia Pink Flower Cut Synthetic Gems

five petals cubic zirconia

five petals cubic zirconia

Plum Blooming Five petals flower shape cubic zirconia stones european machine cut loose stones wholesale prices from manufacturer. It’s new fancy shape for cubic zirconia. Five petals cubic zirconia stones are widely use to jewelry pendant or bracelets. With high hardness(8.50 Moh’s) , it can be worn everyday. We use high quality rough cubic zirconia to produce finished products. And we offer cubic zirconia at cheap wholesale prices with low minimum order quantity (100-500pcs). AAA quality pink cubic zirconia is very hot sale item and popular for jewelry setting and design. Besides pink color, there are many amazing colors as your option. Like white, black, purple, blue, lavender, peridot, swiss blue, tanzanite, aqua blue, champagne, yellow, canary, green, orange, violet, smoky, garnet.

flower cut cubic zirconia wholesale

flower cut cubic zirconia

Material: cubic zirconia

Color: pink

Sizes(mm): 3×3   4×4   5×5   6×6   7×7   8×8   9×9   10×10   12×12   15×15   18×18   20×20   25×25

Quality: AAA

Mini. qty: 100pcs each

Clean customs: 100% easy

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