Wholesale Cabochon Loose Synthetic Opal Gemstones China Supplier

synthetic opal oval cabochon

synthetic opal oval cabochon

Synthetic opal (GIA: Polymer Impregnated synthetic opal) is impregnated in laboratory in around a year and has similar properties as that of natural opal.You know natural opal is very rare and pricey gemstones on the earth. To cut down cost, people invest new technology to create opal in lab. It’s success! Synthetic opal( imitation opal) with colors that closely emulate natural opal, like cubic zirconia or lab created corundum, it is man-made to look real. The thing is we really love it even if it is faux stone! This is a new synthetic gemstones for jewelry making and design. It help people to create most impressive jewelry. Lab Opal has various colors, such as black, yellow, grey, white, pink, orange, green, blue, brown, etc. Our synthetic opal is made of SiO2.nH2O+Resin, the Moh’s scale is 4, heat resistance is 130 Celsius. 

synthetic opal stones

synthetic opal color chart

synthetic opal

synthetic opal stones

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