Pear Cubic Zirconia Loose CZ Stones Wholesale China

Colors cubic zirconia stones gemstones lab created gems at wholesale prices from China manufacturer and supplier.

Pear sizes: 4×6   5×7   6×8   7×9   8×10   9×11   10×12   10×14   13x18mm

Minimum quantity: 500pcs

Pear colors: white cz, pink cz, rose cz, black cz, peridot cz, garnet cz, champagne cz, olive cz, violet cz, golden yellow cz, blue cz, tanzanite cz, swiss blue cz, aquamarine blue cz and more

peridot pear cz stones amethyst pear cz stones    pink pear cz stones

violet pear cz stones champagne pear cz stones champagne pear cz stones white pear cz stones yellow pear cz stones lavender pear cz stones

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We supply high quality moissanite, cubic zirconia, lab created spinel, ruby, sapphire and glass gems with many shapes,sizes and colors. Please contact us to get free quote.

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